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The Society for the Autistics in India (SAI) is a non-profit charitable trust founded by a group of parents of autistic children with an objective of educating/training individuals with autism. The trust was formed in 1995 in Bangalore, India, registered under National Trust and DNA.

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Apoorva Centre for Autism

Apoorva is an educational and training center started under SAI in 1996. Apoorva was ideated to be the primary center for the learning and development of autistic children under SAI. Headed by Mrs. Nithya S, the Apoorva Centre has 50 students being trained by 17 qualified special educators & rehabilitation professionals along with a support team of 20+. 

Apoorva also presently serves as a training institute for teachers and teaching aides - providing practical training to the teacher-trainees of the Special Education Program on autism conducted by KPAMRC, Bangalore.


We want to create an autism-friendly world that ensures an individual with autism leads a happy, comfortable and fulfilling life


Our mission is to create an autism-friendly world by 

  • Educating people about autism

  • Training special educators

  • Counselling and supporting families with special kids

  • Participating in research on autism

  • Spreading awareness on autism


We offer programs for various skills and through different levels of development. They can be broadly categorized into:

  • Early Intervention

  • Communication Development

  • Vocational Training

You can learn more about our programs here!

Recent News and Events

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Ganesh Chathurthi

With the school back to normal functioning, the children, parents, and staff celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with a few fun and engaging activities for all

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International Yoga Day

With the effects of COVID reducing, and a vaccinated staff, we kickstarted the events of our first offline academic year since the pandemic with International Yoga Day 

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