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Sponsor A Child

Make an Impactful Contribution Today

In a growing socially conscious world, we all make donations - some big and some small. Help in all forms - monetary, human resource, time is always appreciated. But, have you ever wondered where your donation goes? What impact has it created? What happens beyond that 80G form? What have you changed with your contribution? 

Our "Sponsor a Child" program aims at answering these questions. Talk to those directly affected by your contribution, check on their progress from time to time and feel free to visit the school anytime


Hi, my name is Rohan. I am 7 years old. I was unable to adjust to any school until I found Apoorva. My father works as a driver and my mother is a kindergarten school teacher. School has helped with my day to day activities like eating, using restroom etc. Beyond that it helped me build an appreciation for music


Hi, I am Shreevatsa. My mother is a house help and father is a driver. I have been with Apoorva for 4 years. I used to find communication very difficult. I could not make eye contact  and I had severe mood swings. Today, I respond to questions and enjoy going to school


Hi, my name is Manjesh. I have been at Apoorva for 14 years now. My mother also joined as a teacher to the same school after training. I had a rough childhood and I was under medication. Peer interaction and farming programs at Apoorva has helped me tremendously

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